Thanks for trying our Delivery 'Experiment'

We appreciate the brave folks that had faith in us for attempting in-house delivery, however, it's just not for us. One of the main reasons we have never ventured into this extremely competitive market is simply for the fact that most of our menu items don't have the longevity of pizza and sandwiches. Despite using catering HOT BOXES for delivery, we don't want folks to experience our food presentations in a way that's not fresh and ideal resulting in the wrong impression of our great cooks' efforts to provide you a great meal. Have you ever ordered our FAJITAS? Right before they are served on a hot iron platter, the cooks sprinkle it with fresh lemon juice that sizzles and steams as the server brings them to your table. It's a sight to see and a smell to savor! You don't get that from delivery... Just an example. Anyway, come on in and enjoy a meal with us the way it was meant to be and the way it's been done for over 25 years at McGraff's!