What McGraff's is doing

UPDATE August 13th, 2021: There are no restrictions related to COVID-19 at McGraff's American Grill. 

As of 08/11/2021: Larimer County Health Officials Strongly Recommend Residents Wear Masks in Indoor Settings as COVID-19 Increases 
LINK: https://www.larimer.org/health/communicable-disease/coronavirus-covid-19

1) If you are not feeling 100% well, do not come in
2) If you want to wear a mask, that's fine. McGraff's is not requiring them to date
3) We will enforce all current Loveland County guidelines [that make sense]
4) Discourse and opinion is encouraged, however, we will not allow intolerance or shaming from, to, or between anyone in the building
5) Nothing to do with COVID-19, but Children must remain seated at the table with their parents at all times
6) Above all, this is not political and we would like to keep it that way; unless you engage me with nonsense. Be prepared. <-- Please challenge me (Chad)

UPDATE June 10th, 2021: There are no restrictions related to COVID-19 at McGraff's American Grill. Can we put this BS behind us already?

Check yourself: https://www.larimer.org/health/communicable-disease/coronavirus-covid-19/larimer-county-positive-covid-19-numbers#/app

Old news...but still smart to heed regardless of the aqueous ''omniscient" CDC guidelines:

1) If you are not feeling 100% well, do not come in
2) EDIT: No longer relevant --> If you cannot - or will not - wear a mask, do not come in
3) Masks must be worn properly - completely covering both mouth AND nose. - to enter McGraff's at ALL times when you are not seated at your table
4) EDIT: No longer relevant --> Groups are 8 people or less
5) EDIT: No longer relevant --> No co-mingling of groups
5.5) BTU heat conversion is calculated by kW x 3.41. We apologize our infrastructure is not supplied the 500kW of electrical power required to adequately heat outdoor open-air spaces and have to be forced, financially, to use non-renewable petroleum products ironically diametrically opposed to the current party's Green initiative. 
6) No self-seating (Except in the BAR, feel free to sit where ever, but just acknowledge a bartender or employee of your presence!
7) EDIT: No longer relevant --> 6' distancing
8) We will enforce ALL guidelines
9) EDIT: No longer relevant --> If all guidelines are not being followed, you will be asked to leave
10) EDIT: This was a PRE-COVI-19 thing! hahah --> Children must remain seated at the table with their parents at all times.
11) EDIT: No longer relevant --> No more than 1 household per table
12) Above all, this is not political and we would like to keep it that way; unless you engage me with nonsense. Be prepared. <-- Please challenge me (Chad)

UPDATE MAY 18th, 2021: McGraff's American Grill per amended Executive Order D 2021 103 (LINK BELOW) on May 14, 2021 will no longer require customers wear a facial mask beginning May 16th, 2021

McGraff's American Grill advises customers to keep a mask and wear it when asked [by fellow patrons] out of respect. We want to be courteous, nice to our neighbors, and inspire confidence in public health. Again, this in not a requirement by McGraff's American Grill, but we feel the right attitude to foster.

McGraff's American Grill will also encourage the continual wearing of facial masks for our employees as a personal choice but will not require them. 

At an abundance of caution, we are continuing many of the 'stepped-up' cleaning guidelines such as hourly bathroom cleanings, making sanitizer available to everyone, daily temp checks for employees, and rigorous weekly deep cleaning of the kitchen and restaurant areas indefinitely. We are also encouraging all of our staff to get vaccinated and will report this to the LCDHE as required as our goal is to get 80%+ as soon as possible. Of course, we must keep this information protected as per HIPAA regulations.

More Info:
Executive Order D 2021 103: https://www.larimer.org/spotlights/2021/05/13/larimer-county-health-department-end-local-public-health-orders-community-gets

Link: https://www.larimer.org/spotlights/2021/05/13/larimer-county-health-department-end-local-public-health-orders-community-gets

Who Has a Right to Ask if You're Vaccinated? There are regulations regarding vaccination per HIPPA guidelines. Please do your own research.

UPDATE March 26th, 2021: On March 24, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment moved the state to the Safer at Home Dial 3.0 which allows most Level Up businesses to operate at a higher capacity. 100% capacity, but still have the 6' social distancing mandate. 

UPDATE March 17th, 2021: A surreal update ~exactly a year ago today. What a crazy year it's been to say the least. Looking back, Amy and I don't even know where to begin, but thanks to great friends, family, awesome employees, great customers, and true grit, McGraff's is still here despite the chaos and unrepresented challenges. We have had our fair share of devastation and loss as many undoubtedly have had. Sherry Mehan, BFF and BIZ partner lost her battle with cancer in 2020 which was one of the hardest things...ever. On a lighter note, much of our recent success and the reason McGraff's is shining strong is/was the result of an outpouring of community support from so many angles I have a hard time wrapping my head around. For those of you in the know, McGraff's, along with a few other local business owners put our collective @sses on the line in the face of what we perceived as Draconian responses and knee-jerk policies unwarranted, misguided, and frankly... EDIT. wrong. History will be the judge, but I feel in our hearts we did the right thing and will continue to do so. Not sure who is credited with this anecdote, but "Cooler minds prevail (sic)". All I can say is thank you. To everyone. You know who you are. 

Chad and Amy Sue Miller 

UPDATE JAN 4, 2021: Dine-In OPEN at ORANGE LEVEL (25%)!!! We received our Level-UP approval, too. As soon as the powers that be allow us, we'll be able to go to YELLOW which means 50% capacity meaning more tables and slightly larger guests per table. We have suspended our valiant attempt at DELIVERY as we were just not really prepared. We tried, but it's just not for us. Thanks for all of you that helped us out in that regard.

UPDATE 12/20/2020: Dine-in closed until we get the new Level-Up "5-Star" variance to open at least to a level ORANGE (25%). Stay tuned. Colorado weather exacerbated by the high winds makes even semi-covered patio seating unbearable! 

UPDATE 11/26/2020: Regarding the Larimer County's decision to leap-frog from YELLOW to RED Level 4

This is a polarizing subject and no one is taking it lightly. 

First and foremost: A HUGE shout-out to Clay Caldwell (Betta Gumbo) and Morgen Harrington (Grimm Brothers Brewhouse) as well as the 100 or so small businesses that have signed on in solidarity.

As owners of McGraff's (Chad Miller and my wife Amy Sue), we understand there are opinions from both ends of the spectrum on our decision to remain open while following the YELLOW Level 2 guidelines as we, and most restaurants in LOVELAND, have proven can maintain a safe environment in balance with preserving the livelihoods of our 60+ employees and their families. We feel we have been unjustly categorized by a 'one size fits all' approach. The affect of another lock-down will do much more harm by directly impacting not only our employees, but their immediate families, as well. If we have to lay-off 90% of our staff AGAIN, our extended families will be devastated not only financially, but mentally, and socially, etc. 

The letter we submitted to the City of Loveland is well thought out and puts our concerns succinctly: Read below (May need to zoom in/out)

Let me be clear: We are NOT smarter than the myriad of Epidemiologists, doctors, nurses, CDC, WHO, or any other medical experts and we are not saying we want to rebuff the safety guidelines. We are simply saying that the COVID-19 statistics in Loveland do not reflect the Draconian and arbitrary decision to shutter our business as we have proven (by Larimer's own data) that we (restaurants in general) have, since late May 2020, NOT been the overwhelming cause of COVID-19 outbreaks. Source: https://www.larimer.org/health/communicable-disease/coronavirus-covid-19
In fact, it's quite the contrary. The health department has classified 7 types of 'Facility outbreaks' and an 'outbreak' is 2+ cases by facility. 
If I am reading their chart correctly, the data below includes ALL of Larimer County, so if you remove Fort Collins, the cases from Loveland restaurants is even lower. See the graph below 'Cases & outbreaks' below.

Healthcare Healthcare - 690 cases
Restaurant - 155 cases (ALL OF LARIMER COUNTY)
Distribution Center - 116 cases
Office - 186 cases
Construction - 97 cases
College/University - 1333 cases
Retailer - 100

We have an overwhelming flood of customer support already. In less than 2 hours, we have gathered 150 signatures in support of our petition from local residents as well as residents from other counties and cities in Colorado. See the below section "Community Support for Small Business" or copy this link to read it: 

Together again 6′ apart! This section is intended to inform you on what the McGraff's family is doing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in compliance with the CDC and Colorado mandates. Of course, we all know the rules are often changing as the experts learn more about the Pandemic and we are committed to adhering to the advice of the experts.

As of May 5th, we are offering curb-side and take-out. For this, we prefer to take credit card payments over the phone so that when you pick up your order, we can conveniently run your receipt and food out to you in one trip.

UPDATE: November 17th - New Larimer County guidelines are being released as we speak. We're not sure how this will affect us -once again, but we're doing everything possible to protect ourselves and our customers. Along with the things we're already doing, such as daily temp checks, hourly cleaning of the restrooms, wiping down everything in site, surface sanitation, and nightly kitchen scrub-downs...
we are required to log guest attendance at the door which includes the date, name, phone number, and dining duration. We are currently only allowed 50% seating capacity and have adhered to that since March 2020. Hopefully, Larimer County will not go into another full lockdown. As always, we offer our full menu for takeout and curb-side. Please be patient with us as we navigate these unprecedented times. Be safe.

UPDATE: July 16th - You have probably seen the announcement for state-wide mandatory face masks in public areas D 2020 138 - https://covid19.colorado.gov/mask-guidance 

Fast facts: The order requires people in Colorado who are 11 years and older to wear a covering over their noses and mouths:

- When entering or moving within any public indoor space. <-- Pertains to us. Basically, do what you've been doing... Wear a mask when entering and while moving about, but you can remove it at your table. Social distancing and other protocols remain intact.

UPDATE: As of May 26th, we're open for dine-in at 50% capacity! There is seating in dining room, on the patio, and on the east side of the bar. We've also added a few tables outside near the entrance and would be happy to serve you out there, too, however, we can't serve alcohol in that specific area.

We also have WiFi handheld devices that can process credit card payments from the comfort of your car and you can opt to have the receipt texted or emailed to you electronically for a touch-less experience. We can also sign the touch-pad for you and add gratuity at your direction and manage the transaction without you having to touch anything! Pretty cool!

We are taking daily employee temperature readings and logging them to ensure our staff is in compliance with the symptom guidelines as suggested by the CDC. All employees are required to wear face masks. Local mandates also require our customers to wear face masks while not seated at your table.

You can expect the following health, cleanliness and safety measures are strictly followed with any type of order you place with us!

We are using an FDA approved touch-less IR thermometer to track daily temperatures and will refuse any employee to work if their temperature is above the current threshold of 100.4. We are also tracking the following symptoms: Cough, Shortness of Breath, Runny Nose, Body Aches, Sour Throat, Nausea, Vomiting or Diarrhea, Loss of Taste or Smell. Any of these symptoms will result in the suspension from duties for 14 days.

Note: The information contained here within is subject to change and is by no means to be considered legally binding. We are simply communicating our commitment to protecting our staff and customers. Please call if you have any concerns or suggestions to help us improve as we all navigate through these difficult times.

Community Support for Small Business