Well, this is awkward!

The patio is temporarily closed due to an unfortunate accident on 12/29/2022

An eastbound vehicle on HWY34 nearly collided with another vehicle turning south on Boise Ave and veered over the south-east curb and ended up crashing through the brick wall on our back patio.

Thankfully, no one was physically injured, but our patio will obviously remain closed until repairs are completed.

Divine intervention: The path taken by the vehicle somehow missed the traffic light pole, our tree, our sign, and our evergreen bush. 

The bewildering fact that a BRICK WALL 'softened' the impact makes no sense, but, hey, it's 2022... and they walked away alive.  

Further baffling us, no one was on the patio due to the inclement weather adding to the series of miracles that spared potential injuries, or worse.

Regardless of fault, McGraff's is thankful only bricks and sticks were injured.